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Friday, 10 April 2009

First lap dulcimer

Here it is, the first of the 18 instruments I built this winter.
Now that Spring is here, I'm able to work outside (when there's no rain or late flurries) and thus complete all the sanding necessary before the finishing stages. (I cannot perform the sanding inside the house during the winter because it would generate too much dust). It will probably take me the whole summer to complete all 18instruments...
This is the first dulcimer I designed myself and built from scratch. The shape is traditional hourglass, with flowing lines and curves that really showcase the beauty of the wood, particularly the back. Entirely built with solid wood, like all my instruments: the back, sides and fretboard are made of black walnut; the top is Douglas fir; the peghead has seven layers of walnut, mahogany and beech; the strum hollow is laminated with a mahogany veneer and the bottom of the fretboard with bloodwood, ebony for the nut and bridge.
I strung it yesterday: the sound is great, with terrific sustain!

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