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Monday, 13 April 2009


The next two dulcimers that I'm in the process of finishing are also hourglass-shaped. The backs are made of very thin (1/16") cherry. They are braced with light but strong pieces of wood with a slight curvature so that the back will be just a little bit convex. The central brace, which touches both sides, the bottom and the top, is pierced with a number of holes to allow the sound and the vibrations to travel.
The sides are also 1/16" thick: I've used curly yellow birch which has a nice wavy pattern to it. The strips at the bottom and the top of the sides are there to provide to a wider surface onto which the soundboard will be glued.

I've just finished sanding one completed dulcimer and applied the first coat of finish to the body: there will be several more coats over the next few days before I apply separately a tung oil finish to the fretboard.

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