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Monday, 13 April 2009

SuperSoprano in the making

A lot of work has gone into laminating the neck and heel (mahogany and padauk) and the back (black walnut and padauk ). The top is Western red cedar, the fretboard padauk as well.
I have just inserted the position markers (maple dots) on the side of the neck. The whole instrument has already received multiple sandings: one more sanding with 400 grit and I'll start applying finish. The neck is set at a very slight angle so that the bottom of the fretboard does not touch the soundboard, thus providing more vibrating surface (something new I'm trying). The outside circle of the soundboard has been sanded down to 1/16".
More pics of previous stages in the building of this particular uke will be posted later.
"Super" sop because the VSL is a bit longer (14") than the norm.

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