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Sunday, 19 April 2009

SupSop: Four coats, four days.

Doux comme la peau des fesses d'un bébé: un critère infaillible pour juger qu'il est temps d'arrêter!
The lines, the grain, the patterns, the waves: all those details in the wood I was as yet unaware of have come out.
The sun is shining, the day is warming up. I've been sanding other instruments for the past two hours. I used to resent the sanding process because I wanted to get it done, finish the instrument, hear what it sounded like... Now I enjoy it: one grade of sanding paper and as thorough a job as I can, then wipe the wood and let it dry. Tomorrow, I will use the same grade, then the one above and so on until the next day and the next... As a result, I do a much better job of it and I enjoy myself: everyday the wood is looking better, and I'm working outside in the sunlight with the added benefit that I can clearly see all the minute flaws I would otherwise miss. There's no rush, nowhere to get to. C'est le pied!


  1. You are a lucky man to have the skills to make such beautiful instruments. Or perhaps, more correctly, you are a patient and perseverant one to have developed those skills. The designs are simple and yet so elegant. I love them.
    Ukulele Ray

  2. Nice of you to visit, Ray, and to leave such a compliment. You're right: with no woodworking experience or instruction, it has been trial and error every step of the way.