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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Willowleaf Dulcimer

I was infatuated with the hourglass design but wanted to try my hand at the willowleaf and fell in love all over again!
I used Spanish cedar for the back and sides: a delight to work with. It smells so good and strong, the whole workshop is transformed. And it's a beautiful wood: once finished, subtle silky patterns appear and disappear in the light.
The top is Douglas fir, the fretboard is again birch overlaid with padouak, and the peghead is mahogany overlaid with cocobolo.
I've built it thinner than the previous two, a traditional 1.5" in depth, but it is even more resonant.
In time for the tulips...

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  1. beautiful shape!
    i love the pic with skooter! :)