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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Tenor uke - Pucelette

"Pucelette" or "little flea" in old French. All ukes are "pucelettes', but this one is so officially christened here and now!

Just completed this morning. The silhouette of the body is like nothing I've ever seen, but it is a shape I was striving for in my imagination for a long time.
I was fortunate to find the exceptional figure of the walnut revealed once the ordinary board I had purchased was sliced. That's what I used for the back with a strip of padouak in the center; there's also a bit of padouak in the heel and on the tip of the wings.

The sides (one continuous band actually) are also black walnut and the soundboard is yellow cypress. The neck is made of walnut as well, with a soft maple overlay. The fretboard and bridge come from a particularly colorful piece of cocobolo. Nut and saddles of ebony. Strung with a low G Hilo set.

Now off for tuning and playing...

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