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Wednesday, 8 July 2009


Another tenor with a medieval look. My first attempt at piercing a rosette directly in the soundboard. Another first for me: a very thin cherry banding glued onto the outside of the ribs.

A highly figured piece of maple for the back, Douglas fir for the soundboard, plain hard maple for the sides, rosewood for the fretboard, cocobolo for the nut and the bridge with an ebony saddle. The neck is made of three pieces : a paradoxically white piece of black walnut with a heel of hard maple and a very thing band of padouak in-between.
I really like the way this whole instrument handles. Strung with a low G, it is highly resonant with a deep sustain.


  1. Beautiful Ukes. I posted an open question to Ken Middleton of Ohana Ukes if the forward thinking Ohana Ukulele Company could also be a backward thinking Medieval Ukulele company and buy a design from you!

    Fun to check out your stuff.


  2. Thank you, Jeff. Very thoughful and generous of you.

  3. Count me in complete agreement with my cyberpal,
    Jeff. There's not a single ukulele on this site that isn't breathtakingly lovely.

  4. Beautiful uke.
    Bravo !
    Philippe aka 8cordes.
    Membre du UCF.