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Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Mahogany tenor dewdrop

After the mostly cherry tenor dewdrop, I wanted to try and make an all-mahogany one. Everything went well with the body: bracing, glueing, sanding, and perfectly symmetrical for once. Then I joined it to the neck and everything went awry: the angle was too far back, so I had to add several thin layers to the top of the neck to compensate; then, when it came time to add the fretboard, I discovered the neck had been filed and sanded far too much on one side, so I added additional layers to it. Then shaping the nut and saddle, they were never tall enough, so I ended up adding to the bridge to support an extra high saddle: five nuts and three saddles later, the action was finally right. During the whole process, I seriously considered chucking the whole thing several times, but I couldn't give up on that great mahogany body without pangs of regret. Well, sometimes persistence does pay off: this uke is the clearest and loudest sounding one I've produced so far with a terrific sustain.

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