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Thursday, 5 November 2009

Neck 1

I am working on assembling a couple of new instruments, but the bulk of my time is spent preparing various parts of future ukes: messy operations that generate a lot of dust and for which I have to work outside the house before snow season. Such is the shaping of necks.
Here is one neck made of jatoba which is quite a bit harder and more difficult to work with than mahogany. The headstock has been covered with a burl veneer: unidentified wood, beautiful shimmery velvet.


  1. Such interesting wood-- jatoba. Had never heard of it before, but it looks like it will be beautiful when finished. Is it heavy or dense wood? I once bought rosewood for a neck, but it is so dense that I wouldn't think it will help produce a good sound. The blank was for a guitar and I thought I'd get two uke necks out of it but it is becoming fretboards and bridges instead. I would imagine snow is imminent for you.

  2. Yes, you can see a finished jatoba neck on my last uke (the baritone on the page below): it is dense and heavy and in the future I'm thinking of using it only as a central spine in mahogany necks. It's also brittle in places so you can't be too rough when shaping it, but it is beautiful and has a lovely color all its own.
    Snow is definitely coming: wet flurries already yesterday while cycling!!!

  3. Cycling? Hardcore cycling with all of the logos and stuff? Or recreational?