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Friday, 20 November 2009

Chakte Kok

One of the joys of learning to build musical instruments has been the discovery of wood and its many beauties. I am very fortunate that there are not one, but two lumber stores around here that stock domestic as well as exotic species. I visit them regularly because they often have items on sale, offcuts and odd pieces at prices I can afford. Today was a lucky day: 40% off on some pieces of chakte kok. I had had my eye on them for quite a while and here was my chance. I bought two lengths from which I should be able to get 6 necks.
It's a lovely reddish-orange wood with prominent veins. I had used a small plank last year for two necks of my early ukuleles and the color is still intact.
Aside from its visual appeal, this wood has a name that makes it irresistible, so exotic it sounds. I finally googled it today and ended up finding "chakte", meaning "red tree", in a dictionary of Mayan glyphs: knock on a door and sometimes a whole world opens up!

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