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Saturday, 19 December 2009

Cordelia's baritone

This one was completed a couple of months back -- my last instrument for this season. It was intended as a surprise birthday present for my daughter and thus had to wait until now before I could put up pics on this blog. My best work so far, and the sound is really good.
The back is a single piece of maple. The soundboard, a single piece of yellow cypress, or Alaskan cedar, extends all the way up the neck, made of cherry. Bloodwood for the fretboard and for the headstock veneer, with bird's eye maple. Ebony bridge, saddle and nut. Figured makore for the banding, cherry and walnut dots for the soundhole decorations, tulipwood for the bottom joint between sides.


  1. Michael -- Such a beautiful instrument. The headstock shows a bit of your creativity. I see a red "wedge" at the end of the large bout. Nice shape. Good work, nice photos to against rug and then solid blue.

  2. Michel -- Do you have any sound or video files of any of your bari-ukes being played. I had a comment on my recent Humble Baritonics post of your work and that persons said they were beautiful and wanted to hear some. BTW if you decide to put a medeival bari up for sale please let me know. I know the Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz would go crazy over seeing one. Jeff / Humble Uker