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Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Revisiting an old friend

With new projects continually in the works, "older" instruments I built two years ago sit unattended. While looking at them reminds me of trials and errors, mistakes I should not repeat, they have their own virtues as well.
Here is one with a body shape I really like. The neck is beech, which was surprisingly easy to work with, and the sides solid walnut. But for once, I used plywood for both the back and the soundboard, a very thin (1/16" inch) high quality Finnish plywood, very strong and light as a feather. While I love
working with solid wood, such good quality plywood has a number of advantages and it is not "cheap", neither in appearance nor cost. As for the sound: well, there's enough raging controversy out there, I'll stay clear of the subject.
I used tigerwood (goncalo alves) for the fretboard, cocobolo for the bridge, padouk for the peghead sides and veneer.

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