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Friday, 30 July 2010

Deep baritone

Deep because the sides are 3 in. at the top, 3 1/4 at the bottom. Ive made the other forthcoming baritones progressively shallower as an experiment in sound production.
This one has a terrific voice, full of character, nice projection and sustain. The intonation is spot on thanks to the compensated bridge (I carved out the sadlle slot by hand with chisel and gouge). So, I'm definitely encouraged to pursue my "apprenticeship".
The neck is made of jatoba, with some unknown burl veneer over the headstock and the fretboard is a nicely figured rosewood. The back is two plates of lacewood with a center layer of ebony that I later covered over with a bloodwood veneer ( choosing red over black on a whim; the ebony can be seen peeping through at the tail end after too vigorous a sanding ). The sides are once again that really nice curly honey-colored maple and the soundboard is spruce. Bocote over walnut for the bridge. Saddle and nut are tulipwood, my latest fad/fave. The bandings are cherry.


  1. Beautiful Michael. Posted back at you to on Humble Baritonics.

  2. Thank you, Jeff. I really appreciate your encouragements.

  3. Nice looking B-uke. Would be nice to try.

  4. Thank you, Herman (sorry to respond so late, but I haven't looked back on my older posts for quite a while). It would be great to have such a musician as yourself try out my instruments!