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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Soprano done

Finished it last night and put the strings on. No glitch, no buzz, no need to adjust the frets, accurate intonation: so far, the care I brought to fashioning my fretboards seems to be paying off. Nice, crisp sound with a lot of sustain for such a small body, but then I'm always in love with a newborn. At any rate, here are the pics.
The soundboard is yellow cypress, the neck is cherry. Fretboard, bridge and saddle are made of ebony, and I've used Brazilian tulipwood for the nut (a tiny touch of pink next to the black ebony: "le charme inattendu d'un bijou rose et noir"... my small tribute to Baudelaire). I don't know what the headstock veneer is, some kind of hardwood burl, I suspect, with sinuous lines.
The VSL is 14 ". The neck is 1.5 " at the nut and 1.75 " at the 12th fret. Total length: 21 inches.

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