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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Another barytone - I'm in love

This one was completed about a week ago and I can't stop playing it.
Same silhouette as the "deep baritone" of the end of July, but with a shallower body, a more pronounced slope of the back and a different bracing pattern.
I love the sound of this instrument, but also with the fact that it feels so "alive" as I'm playing it (maybe because of the way it fits my body so well that I can feel it vibrate all the time). This may be a familiar experience to players more experienced than I am, but it's definitely new to me. Though I dislike hocus pocus as much as any man, it would be tempting to wax a little bit lyrical about it. At any rate, there's certainly an ounce of magic in this for me.

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  1. Michael: You really have a great mind for the creation of arty instruments. They are getting more and more beautiful each time. I like the parlour sleek look in this baritone. The headstock detail work is very nice too. I will continue to enjoy your ukulele magic from afar. Jeff