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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Third nut

Irresistible title, but I must be allowed some levity after spending the morning fashioning three of those to get one exactly right: right thickness, right length, right slope angle, right depth and shallowness of the string slots and right spacing of the slots so that they fit with the spacing of the slots in the saddle and bridge. Test with the fourth and first strings for optimum spacing from the edges of the fretboard. Test for proper action. Make adjustments or re-do the whole thing (twice). All right; check for possible buzzing: only one small buzz easily corrected by pressing the guilty fret further down: relief!
One saddle was enough, so I'm counting my blessings.
I've put on all four strings, brought the tension to proper tuning, checked for buzzing with all four strings, checked the intonation: so far so good. I'll let the strings settle and re-tune them several times today before really testing this new baby.
Hard to take a proper picture of the beast: so tiny. Everything done with razor saw, files and sandpaper: a fraction of a millimeter here, a fraction there... un travail de bénédictin !

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