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Saturday, 11 September 2010

Autumn baritone

"C'est pas vilain les fleurs d'automne..." (not so shabby, those autumn flowers): I could not help but think of those words in George Brassens' song Saturne as I was putting the finishing touch to this last baritone amidst the late-flowering creatures in Jacqueline's garden.
Basically the same shape as the second baritone (August 7th). The body is about 1/4 inch shallower and the string length 19" instead of 20". I've used some of that sumptuous carmine chokte kok for the neck with bloodwood veneer on the front and back of the headstock and the sides of the neck as well. The heel has curly maple in-between the chokte kok layers.
I'm also very pleased with its sound, different again from all the others: I just keep playing all five of them and have yet to pick a favorite one... Tough!

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