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Saturday, 4 September 2010


J'aime ta couleur café...

Yes, I was in love with the previous baritone, but then this creature came along with its unusually dark cedar soundboard: caramel, chocolate, café au lait, pain d'épices, honey and spice... irresistible. Wonderful sound, deep and clear and crisp and it purrs against my chest just as much as the other one. Entre les deux, mon coeur balance...

These baritones are just getting better and better, each with its own singular voice. However, I'm so taken with their sound that I may never return to smaller sizes -- concert and tenor -- for playing tunes in low 4th tuning.

Walnut back and sides with cherry bandings and bloodwood fretboard. Joined plates of very thin western red cedar for the top. Ivory, bocote, tulipwood here and there.

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