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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Back on track (sort of)

I'm afraid I've gone astray and left aside ukulele building since February as I became engrossed in a new adventure: learning some rudiments of jewelry making. Actually, after three years of uninterrupted "homegrown" instrument-making, it was good to get away (nothing like a new obsession to free oneself of an older one... much as in other sorts of passion or complusion when I think of it). Still, I have seven new ukes and one guitar in the making and I can't just abandon them. So, I took advantage of these few days without rain (we are blessed with continual showers and cold spells this year) to go through the various sanding stages on one round-bodied uke and proceeded to inlay the frets on the fretboards that will go onto those two very similar ukes.
I now take a lot of time being super careful with my fretwork, especially in dressing the frets to eliminate those tiny pesky burrs which are so hard to eliminate without marring the surrounding wood.
Anyways, here are the fretboards still at an early stage: I still have to do a lot of dressing to do and then I will inlay the position markers (I'm thinking silver dots this time). The wood is canary wood: I could not resist the unusual figure.

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