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Sunday, 25 September 2011


I've kept postponing this because I've always had great difficulties making bridges, having to build complicated jigs while trying to use various routing tools to dig out the saddle slot, always with very uneven results and a lot of frustration and anxiety using power tools . So, I'm giving up and reverting strictly to hand tools: a couple of saws and a 1/8" chisel.
Here, I am using purpleheart. (I started with ebony, but botched it: perhaps because of my own ineptitude, but I have found ebony to be quite brittle when using chisels and gouges. It's quite good for nuts and saddles though.) Simplify, simplify...
I am also reverting to the simplest and sturdiest bridge design: a saddle slot and four string holes drilled all the way through the soundboard.

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