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Saturday, 15 October 2011

Details (rosette, etc.)

I forgot to mention the rosette and the soundhole ring.
The rosette is made up of three inlaid strips of veneer: the inner and outer rings are curly maple, and I've forgotten what the darker middle ring is, perhaps mahogany. Looks easy, but it was still a lot of work.
The soundhole ring is also a thick curly maple veneer.

In keeping with the circle motif, I've added two completely frivolous details: a small bronze disc at the bottom of the fretboard, and an highly figured veneer roundel above the label inside the uke:

The strings have now settled. The beast is sounding good. Since the neck joint is between the16th and 17th frets, it makes it quite a bit easier to play those high notes.

Strung with a low G set. I must say I always find that strings on the tenor are really tight and hurt my fingers when I use the standard tuning, so I tend to use a lower tuning pattern: is it just me, or perhaps the brand of strings I'm using?

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