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Monday, 17 October 2011

Tweedledee - Wood figure, color, and joy.

A few close-ups to try and capture the wonderful figure and color of
the walnut back (the inlaid decorative discs are from two varieties of maple).

The soundboard is made up of two jointed bookmatch plates of douglas fir with unusual pinkish overtones.

The soundhole is inspired by the "quatrefoil" motif of some medieval churches and the four-leaf clover, of course.

I've strung Tweedledum with a low fourth string, but Tweedledee, this one, with a high fourth. They are (high/low) GCEA sets, but I'm tuning them FBbDG (like my Terz guitar) for much easier action. They both sound quite good, but Tweedledee has that extra special je ne sais quoi : when the instrument makes you feel you're a far better player than you actually are... strictly a self-induced illusion in my case, but nonetheless thoroughly enjoyable, and a strong inducement to play more music.

These two are fairly similar in construction and bracing pattern. The main difference, apart from the wood used for the soundboard), is the depth of the body: Tweedledee is half an inch deeper than Tweedledum.

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