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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Tweedledum (waiting for Tweedledee)

All done, after all the fiddling with the nut(s) and saddle(s) to get the position and action of the strings just right.
A tenor uke, almost entirely made of mahogany... the back has alternating stripes of mahogany and walnut. The neck and its heel also have bands of walnut. The fretboard is canarywood. The bridge is purpleheart (thicker obviously that the other unfortunate one) with an ebony saddle. The nut is carved from a piece of corian.
Sounds good, but I'll know better tomorrow, after the strings have settled. Intonation is as good as can be with an uncompensated bridge and saddle.
I like that honey/caramel/chocolate combination, but that's just my sweet tooth...

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