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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The neck

I've carved the neck out of mahogany. The heel, at bottom, is made with several layers that have been glued together and onto the neck itself: not as elegant as a single piece, but there's much less wastage of wood.
The sides, at the junction with the fretboard, have been covered with the same cherry veneer as the edges of the body. This is to cover the light-colored layer of cedar between the neck roper and the fretboard: in this instance, I've built the front of the uke with a single board of yellow cedar that extends from the bottom of the soundboard all the way to the nut at the top of the neck.
The headstock or peghead, at an angle to the the neck, was made with a scarf joint and later carved into this shape with much elbow grease. I've covered it with a layer of an exotic wood (I can't identify it) which has an extraordinary wavy grain and gorgeous color.

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